Top 5 Reasons to use Traefik Cloud Native Router

traefik Oct 08, 2020

My journey with Traefik started a few years ago when I struggled to manage NGINX in combination with containers. Since Docker/Containers are dynamic in nature, traditional proxies load balancers were not matching 1:1 with dynamic infrastructures.

I first started moving my projects to Traefik about three years ago. I dug up an old GitHub Repo that highlights this journey (GitHub is awesome like this). Three years ago, wow! During the migration, I learned more about Traefik, the features, and became involved in the community.

Now, three years later. I recommend Traefik to everyone wanting to start a project with Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud, or On-Prem. To clarify, I don't receive any financial compensation from Traefik except for stickers and T-shirts. But I sure love the Traefik logo!

I have become very familiar with the Traefik use-cases through the various using Traefik. Typically, I am presenting these use-cases at workshops or during customer engagements. Now, I thought...

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Getting Started with Traefik Cloud Native Edge Router

how to traefik Oct 01, 2020

OK, so maybe you have heard about the term Traefik, Edge Router, or Reverse Proxy/load balancing. Let's take this a bit further so you can fully understand what is Traefik, the benefits, and a high-level overview.

To help demystify Traefik and some of the buzzwords surrounding Cloud Native Edge Routers we created a Getting Started with Traefik Video.

This video is about how to get started using Traefik. We cover a background about Traefik, the architecture, and configuration. Next, we do a demo of Traefik load balancing our Cat Gif application with Let's Encrypt, and Basic Authentication. We also added custom error pages to show nice 400 errors instead of boring error pages.

Agenda of the Video

  • Background Traefik
  • Demo
  • Lab

You can find the lab material here: Traefik Lab

Interested to learn more about Traefik? Check out our Traefik Training course. 

Getting Started with Traefik Cloud Native Edge Router


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theByte Launch

company news startup Sep 23, 2020

I couldn't be more excited to launch the brand new Training & Coaching platform "theByte". theByte is intended to extend my in-person training, workshops, and conference events into a SaaS offering. Combined with my passion for knowledge sharing, open source, and collaboration theByte enables everyone affordable access to Cloud Native Training & Coaching.

The goal of theByte is to ensure the same "touchpoints" as in-person events are delivered through theByte platform with weekly group calls, check-ins, and follow-ups. Additionally, we pack in our experience and background into the courses and coaching to ensure you receive real-world scenarios and lessons.

Tell me more about Training

As a Docker Captain and Traefik ambassador, this makes a perfect match to translate my training skills over a new medium that is both more accessible and allows us to scale during these challenging times.

I am very passionate about knowledge sharing, open source, and enabling others....

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