The Cloud Native & DevOps Accelerator

The Accelerator program will guide you through Cloud Native, Containers, and DevOps technologies and how to plan, define, and build projects using these technologies.

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Byte Features


Learn from the Pro

Your Instructor Brian Christner is a hands-on DevOps professional, Docker Captain, and Traefik Ambassador

Unlock Time saving tips

This course will teach you new workflows that will save you time and effort starting your next project.


Hands-on Labs

The hands-on labs are crafted to bootstrap new projects, debug, and improve your workflows.

Let's start your Training Journey

The courses are designed based on real-world experience, hands-on labs, and collaboration with our partners. Our goal is to teach you new workflows, tips & tricks to save you time and enable you to become a Power User!

How to become a Docker Power User with Visual Studio Code

This course will teach you the skills you need to use VS Code and the Docker extension. It is based upon direct collaboration between Microsoft and Docker to provide excellent knowledge about VS Code and Docker alike.

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The Complete Traefik Training

Want to learn how Cloud Native Edge Routers work? Need to deploy a Reverse Proxy? This course helps you get from 0 to production with Traefik the Cloud Native Edge Router with hands-on labs and valuable lessons built on real-world deployments.

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What People are Saying

Marcel de Lange

Solution & Cloud Architect, IGT

Being new to Traefik, this course checked ALL of the boxes for me. The course material is to the point, easy to follow, step by step labs and all course material included is top notch. Thank you Brian for this great content, which I'll definitely recommend this to my team and co-workers. 

Stephane Moreau

DevOps Engineer & CTO @ SLAASH.CO

This course about Traefik is a must-have, Brian applies all requirements for mastering Traefik in few hours, the courses and labs are very helpful for this training, I suggest to recommend this training for your teams


Saiyam Pathak

Director of Technical Evangelism Civo Ltd.

A great well-structured course with labs. Suitable for all skill levels as it covers all concepts from scratch.



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