Are you still writing Docker files & Compose files manually?


What if I can show you how to bootstrap Docker projects, interact with Containers, debug Docker containers all without writing a single line of code? Interested?

This 1.5-hour course is definitely for you and will teach you how to bootstrap Docker Projects, time-saving shortcuts, and so much more. Including open-source labs and content to help you become a Docker Power User

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Course Features

Learn from the Pro

Your Instructor Brian Christner is a hands-on DevOps professional, Docker Captain, and Traefik Ambassador

Unlock Time saving tips

This course will teach you new workflows that will save you time and effort starting your next project.

Hands-on Labs

The hands-on labs are crafted to bootstrap new projects, debug, and improve your workflows.

Become a Docker Power User

The course is delivered with on-demand videos and hands-on labs for the best learning experience and benefits. You will be joining a Community which will be responding to questions and providing tips and tricks.

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