How to become a Docker Power User with Visual Studio Code

This course will teach you the skills you need to use VS Code and the Docker extension. It is based upon direct collaboration between Microsoft and Docker to provide excellent knowledge about VS Code and Docker alike.

VS Code is the world's most popular development tool according to a recent Stack Overflow survey. Combing VS Code with Docker unleashes new workflows, reduces context switching, and enables you to become a Docker Power User at the same time.

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Course Features

Learn from the Pro

Your Instructor Brian Christner is a hands-on DevOps professional, Docker Captain, and Traefik Ambassador

Unlock Time saving tips

This course will teach you new workflows that will save you time and effort starting your next project.

Hands-on Labs

The hands-on labs are crafted to bootstrap new projects, debug, and improve your workflows.

Become a Docker Power User

The course is delivered with on-demand videos and hands-on labs for the best learning experience and benefits. You will be joining a Community which will be responding to questions and providing tips and tricks.

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