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Become a Docker Power User with Visual Studio Code

This course will teach you the skills you need to become proficient with Visual Studio Code and the Docker extension. This course combines collaboration directly with Microsoft and Docker to build the best course and align with the features for both products.

VS Code is the world's most popular IDE according to a recent Stack Overflow survey. Combing VS Code with Docker unleashes new workflows, reduces context switching, and enables you to become a Docker Power User.

The Instructor Brian Christner is a Docker Captain, Open Source Contributor, and DevOps engineer with real-world experience.

Some of the benefits you will take away from the course:


  Unlock VS Code Shortcuts

  Improve your Docker & VS Code workflows

  Reduce context switching when developing with Docker & VS Code

  Bootstrap new Docker projects without writing a single line of code

  Learn to Debug your Docker projects

✅  Enable Remote Development to initialize VS Code inside containers

  Become a Docker Power User!!.


What you'll get:

📹  Videos: Over 1.5 hours of course material

🥼 LABS: Hands-on Labs with access to code examples and templates

🚦 COLLAB: A course built in cooperation with the Docker & Microsoft teams.

🎯  LEARN: A thorough understanding about Visual Studio Code, the Docker Extension, and the features available to help make your workflows easier and faster.

💡 EXAMPLES: Bootstrap a new Docker project from scratch without writing one line of code. 

👨‍🏫  Instructor: Learn from the Pro, Brian Christner Docker Captain & Traefik Ambassador.

🔑 ACCESS: to a Private Slack Channel with engineers, professionals and fellow students. 

📊  UPDATES: Lifetime free course updates

🏆 CERTIFICATE: Certificate of completion

Course Syllabus

  • Course introduction
  • Docker & VS Code
  • Install & Configure Docker Extension
  • Power User Mode
  • Debug Docker with VS Code
  • Remote Development in Containers
  • Course Wrap up